Foods High in Magnesium

Foods high in magnesium start with the common foods here. You don’t have to search all that far to find magnesium rich foods, and most are readily available at any supermarket… or even already in your kitchen.

Gravitate towards dark green leafy vegetables, dairy products, most seeds and nuts, beans (including soy), and chocolate (never thought of that one, eh?). All of these foods are rich in magnesium and in most kitchens.


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Spinach and Tofu

This mixes the obvious with the less obvious. You already know that spinach is healthy, and that even canned spinach did the job for Popeye. No surprises here that it is also packed with magnesium, with 65mg in a 100 gram serving (just over 3 ounces). Fresh is best, but frozen and even canned are not far behind. The are many ways to cook spinach, so why not try mixing it with another magnesium food? In this case, tofu.

Tofu and Spinach With MushroomsBoth of these hardly need any cooking (none in fact),  so this is a super fast dish.  Just saute some mushrooms, add the spinach and some Asian style sauce (oyster sauce, soy sauce and cooking sake with mirin, or even black bean sauce). Add the tofu last, and just long enough to make it hot.

Since tofu has 111mg of magnesium in each 100 gram serving, you can double up here. Between 200 grams of tofu and 100 grams of spinach, you’ll have nearly 300mg of magnesium in one dish!

Best of all, both ingredients are super healthy and low calorie. Perfect for any diet.

Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds and Cashews… Oh My!

When you just can’t be bothered cooking, and want something to snack on to give you a increase your magnesium levels, seeds and nuts are the place to go. Unlike supplements, they are actually effective and don’t need to be washed down with water.Pumpkin Seeds Lead the Pack

Just about all nuts and seeds are foods high in magnesium. For each 100 gram serving, peanuts deliver around 160mg, and walnuts offer 190mg. Almonds deliver a big 270 mg., and the grand prize winner, pumpkin seeds, deliver almost 400-500mg.

Easy to eat, and filling. These make great in between meal snacks that do double duty as nature’s own magnesium supplements.


Many people see this and think it just can’t be true. I mean, chocolate! Well, tell that to Jeanne Calment, a FrenchJeanne Calment at her 121st birthday. She ate a kilo of chocolate per week. woman who ate a kilogram of chocolate per week. That’s about 17 Hershey chocolate bars. If it had any negative effect on her health, we can’t say. However, since she lived to the ripe old age of 122, it would seem not to have hurt her.

But, I don’t want to push too much chocolate. It is loaded with sugar and other stuff you don’t want to overdo in most cases. Also, you need to remember that not just any chocolate will do.

It is the cocoa in chocolate that has all the magnesium, so your very best bet is to eat straight cocoa beans (which, like all beans, is a good source of magnesium).

The next best thing is to devour unsweetened cooking chocolate or cocoa.

Most of us, I think, will be happy to keep the sweetening to a minimum, and just eat chocolate with a high cocoa content (at least 70%) to get these benefits. Hot cocoa can be especially effective this way, add more pure cocoa and less sugar. Use milk instead of water, not only because it tastes better, but because milk delivers 13mg of magnesium per 100 grams. In an 8 ounce cup of milk, that means over 30 grams.

Hot cocoa is very high in magnesium

Not that you’ll need it, because pure cocoa delivers almost 300mg per 100 gram serving. A nice way to end the day, and a sure way to make sure you’re don’t have a magnesium deficiency before nodding off to sleep.


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