Want to Give Birth to a Girl? Eat More Magnesium Rich Foods

Three girls - all from a magnesium rich and potassium light diet?A recent study conducted at the University of Maastrich in Holland concluded that a diet that restricts potassium and sodium intake, but boosts intake of calcium and magnesium rich foods, would increase the chances of giving birth to a girl. The study covered 172 women over a five-year period. The women who participated were Western European, and all were between 23 and 42 years old. The women also had all previously given birth boys – in one case, four boys. The scientists operated on the assumption that a diet low in potassium and sodium rich foods, but high in calcium and magnesium rich foods, would increase the chances of giving birth to a girl. The timing of sexual intercourse was also important. Frequent sexual intercourse, but not immediately before or after ovulation, was also recommended.

Of the 172 women, only 21 (fewer than 15%) were able to stick to the required diet for the 5 year study. That left a fairly small sample to make conclusions from, but we have to speculate something don’t we? Otherwise, a 5 year study has been wasted, right? Of those 21 women who completed the study, 16 of them gave birth to girls. That’s a success rate of almost 80%. So if you’re looking for a girl, you’ll have to cut way back on dairy and other potassium/sodium rich foods, and start getting more magnesium and calcium. Keep it up for few years, and have regular sex – except around ovulation. If you believe the results of this study enough to do all that. Of course, since I recommend magnesium all the time on this website, part of it should be easy enough.

On the other hand, if you want a boy, start eating bananas and potassium rich foods. I can’t bring myself to tell you cut back on magnesium rich foods, though. At least, not for this reason.