Welcome to Magnesium Rich Foods.

First thing you should know is I am not a doctor. I am a food professional, and have sourced food products directly from farms all over the world, on four continents. I also have a huge interest in nutrition, and a strong belief in natural sources of nutrition….in other words, food.

I have nothing against supplements, as long as they are used in conjunction with the healthiest possible diet. Taking supplements while ignoring the right foods seems ridiculous to me, and is certainly no way to health.

Magnesium supplements may be needed if you cannot easily get the magnesium you need from the foods shown on this site. An ideal balance is to increase your natural magnesium intake with food, and top it off as necessary with supplements. Food sources often have something in them that helps you to absorb its nutrients and minerals. I suspect (but don’t know) that the food will also help you absorb the supplements when they are matched correctly.

I am based in Japan, and eat really well here, thanks.

If you have any comments or questions, you can contact me at info at magnesiumrichfoods.com Just substitute @ for “at.” (Sorry, but the robots are wicked.)


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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Douglas Grendahl says:

    I make a lot of milk smoothies with a banana or two, an apple or two, tsp of bee pollen, and would like to top it off with pumpkin seeds. My question is: what is the max I may use daily of pumpkin seeds? Thanks!

  2. Soys says:

    There is no maximum, unless you are downing gallons. The nice the about getting magnesium from food sources is that you cannot overdose. It will just wash through, or at worst, loosen your bowels greatly.

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